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Tailgate is by far one of Norway’s biggest car crews! What makes Tailgate more special is the craziness we make like our streetmeets! We aim to bring content and having the ability to host and create meets for our community. We are located in multiple countries, but mainly in Norway. Our members are all playing a huge part in Tailgate, without them we would not be able to do what we do. 

But, even though we have a good members base we are still looking to grow. That means we need more members, and more craziness!

Just like the rest of the world Covid-19 put a stop for all our plans. But we still managed to grow and in some way satisfy our followers! There is nothing new that once people are allowed in bigger audiences we will and are going to host alot of meets just like old times! 

As everybody else, we have a role to play and certain rules to follow!